Bin Hire to Support Rockingham City

It has been a while since we’ve last posted. But this particular post is dear to our heart. Whilst in Perth, our committee visited the southern part known as Rockingham. This south of the river area is well known for its coastal area and in close proximity to Mandurah (another well known area). To the locals, Rockingham is well known for their love in motorsport. Especially v8 motorsport like those of Holdens and Fords. That is why we think this post is relevant to our club since it is affiliated somewhat with motorsport.

Like most motorsport events, litter still remain a problem upon its completion. The sheer number of people attending the event will no doubt produce a lot of unsightly waste. Therefore waste management during and cleaning up after the event is so important. But one solution to this problem is to provide a waste bin on site for collecting waste. A skip bins Rockingham company is worth a mention for their support for such events. Providing a well needed service for the city of Rockingham. Many locals will agree with us. Their skip bin hire services is not only suitable for motorsports events like ours, but it is also suitable for domestic and commercial purposes.

In fact, any waste management services should be supported, especially as cities around the world face with population growth. The more people there are, the more likelihood of more waste being generated.

By hiring bins, you’d also have half of your work cut out, since the bin hire company will deliver and pick up the bins themselves. All we need to do is simply put the waste in the bin! It doesn’t get any easier than that. As many will know, not everyone is fan of motorsport. But resident leaving close to the racetrack will no doubt appreciate our effort to keep the environment clean during and after the event. It will hopefully keep the relation between nearby residents and car racing enthusiasts on the positive side.

Rockingham beach




Drag Racing Events according to Class

There are car enthusiasts, who is actively participating in different car racing activities. They actually consider it as a sport. In my opinion, this kind of sport is some kind of an extreme activity because it is also risky.

Can you imagine how fast you are driving? And then, all you can think of during the competition is to drive fast and faster, so that you can win the event. For those who are used to a really fast speed on the road, then this kind of sport has a normal driving speed. But, for those who are not used to speedy driving, then you might even hold your breath till the competition ends.

Anyway, drag racing is actually just one kind of a motor racing, where motorcycles or automobiles are competing by two’s and they need to rush to the finish line as fast as they can. A car racer will need to be very much prepared for this competition. He needs to make sure that he is physically, emotionally and mentally fit to before the race begins. He must also make sure that his automobile or motorcycle is in a good running condition and even to a perfect level of working and running condition.

It won’t be nice to meet accidents or sudden malfunction of your vehicle. If this happens, then you might lose the game. Of course, you wouldn’t like that to happen, right? So, you will surely do everything just to make sure that you and your car or motorcycle is ready. Anyway, that is a normal thing to do.

The Top Fuel Dragster or TF/D

This is actually the fastest among drag racing classes. They are also called diggers. These automobiles are considered to be the fastest machines when it comes to acceleration. The cars for this drag race covers a dra gstrip in 3.7 seconds with a trap speed of more than 330mph or 30 km/h. most of the modernized TF dragsters measure 25ft or 7.6m in length and weighing 2,320 pounds or 1,050 kg. They used a fuel with up to 90% of nitromethane.

The Top Fuel Funny Car or TF/FC

The cars used in this race are actually similar to the cars used in the Top Fuel Dragster. But, the automobiles here have a shorter wheelbase and uses a carbon fiber body. Funny cars are also called floppers, running at 4.0s. They can actually exceed a trap speed of 31mph.

The Pro Stock

This is also called the NHRA or the IHRA/MMPSA. It is often referred as door slammers or factory hot rods automobiles, because they need to keep a reasonably stock appearance. These cars record a quarter mile times within 6.4 seconds with a speed of more than 210mph or 340 km/h. it has a rev that reaches over 10,500 rpm and then, makes an excess of 1,300 hp or 970 kW. The engines of the NHRA is over 500 cubic inches or 8.2L displacement. The IHRA/MMPSA runs a max of 820 cubic inches or 13.4L that’s why it is also called as Mountain Motors.

When Car Hire Becomes Handy

We’ve all been there when your beloved race car is sitting in the workshop getting repaired or performance enhance done to it. Normally in situation like this, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Why? Simply because you don’t really need it on a daily basis. But what about when your mild performance street car is in the workshop? How would you get around? Well this is where hiring a car can solve your problem. We asked a car hire Perth company about the benefits.

The owner said that whether you opt for a short term or long term hire, the benefits are endless. We’ve taken notes when talking to Irwin and here are the top three take away messages:

  1. Convenience: arguably the biggest advantage when hiring any sort of vehicle is convenience. Where do we start? How about actually having a car to go from point A to point B? Definitely convenient if you ask me! No matter where you live, you will most likely rely very heavily on your car. Think of any situation that you need to go somewhere, whether sending the kids to school or going to the local supermarket to buy groceries. Yep you guess it, you most likely drove your car!
  2. Keep your friends: many of you out there might be wondering what we mean by this. By having a car of your own, albeit a loan car, means you don’t have to bug your friends about it. In fact, many of us will avoid asking our friends to lend their beloved pride and joy. So either pay a hire car company for a loan car or risk losing your friend over it!
  3. Clean and sharp looking: most likely then not, a loan car is usually clean upon pickup. The reason is to make it more attractive for potential customers and obviously making your experience of driving their car more pleasurable and making you come back to them! Let’s face it, how often do you wash and detail your very own car. Very rarely right? Well car hire companies employ people whose job is to wash and wipe the whole fleet in the car yard.

So there you have it. The next time when your daily driver is off the street and in the workshop getting fixed. Why not hire a car and make your life that much easier. Yes, it may dig into your wallet a bit. But the overall convenience far outweigh the cost.

Here are some tips from a youtuber:

Upcoming Events of the International Speedway Corporation

Many people are booking online to watch various motorsport activities in America. When it comes to booking online, it is a first come, first serve basis. So, if all tickets were sold, then you will surely miss the live event. So, if you are interested to watch, then you better book as soon as the schedule was already posted. When it comes to various motorsport events, we can always count on the ISC.

The International Speedway Corporation or ISC is a trading company that was founded in 1953. This is a prominent organizer of motorsports activities for entertainment in the US. The company shows different racing events every month. Actually, the ISC promotes a hundred and more motorsport events for the entire racing season with 13 facilities. Aside from that, the ISC is also the owner and the operator of the Motor Racing Network, which is the biggest radio network in America.

The Facilities

They have in Florida for the Daytona International Speedway®, in Alabama for the Talladega Superspeedway®, outside Detroit for the Michigan International Speedway®, in Virginia for the Richmond Raceway®, near Los Angeles for the Auto Club Speedway of Southern CaliforniaSM, in Kansas City for the Kansas Speedway®, in Arizona for the ISM Raceway®, near Chicago, Illinois for the Chicagoland Speedway®, near Chicago, Illinois for the Route 66 RacewaySM, in Florida for the Homestead-Miami SpeedwaySM, in Virginia for the Martinsville Speedway®, in South Carolina for the Darlington Raceway® and in New York for the Watkins Glen International®.

Events for the month of April

The events for the month of March is almost ending. But, we have here a list of the events that are already scheduled in the first half of the month of April. pretty sure that many car enthusiasts and lovers are waiting for these upcoming events.

  • April 6 to 7

If you would like to have a motorcycle racing experience, then you better come and join the racing school. This event is brought to you by the Fastrack Riders.

The Phoenix Grand Prix Qualifying race will be held on the 6th and 7th, so you better come now and join the race.

  • April 6

The Homestead-Miami Speedway will be opening the Pit Road to the Public on the 6th for a different Test & Tune experience. Competitors will be paying $20 and $10 for the spectators. Kids may come and watch for free entrance.

  • April 7

The Phoenix Grand Prix ‘s Verizon IndyCar Series Racing competition will be held at the ISM Raceway on the 7th.

  • April 7 to 8

The Sports Car Club of America is set to bring passionate and motorsport enthusiasts together. So, if you desire speed, audio and motor, then you may come.

  • April 14

Take your cars to a higher level of experience with the Hooked on Driving.

If you would like to take your car down with the drag strip presented by the O’Reilly Auto Parts, then join the Race Your Ride 1.

  • April 14 to 15

The South Florida SportsCar Challenge will be having a racing event at the Homestead-Miami Speedway on the 14th and 15.

Amazing Racing Car Tracks to drive

If you own a car and likes racing, then you would surely want to have a racing experience. Let’s say that you can start as a beginner in the field of racing. And then, you have to set a goal and that is to be a professional car racer both in local and international car racing competitions.

It would always be a great achievement to be a car racer. It could have been better, if you can drive your racing car into different racing car trucks in the world. Can you imagine how it feels like to be in international car racing competitions, where your family, friends and the whole can witness your success? That would surely be a dream that may someday come true.

Are you aware about the various car racing tracks in the whole world? You should find out about it soon. We have here a list of the best and amazing car racing tracks for you to try.

The Circuit of the Americas

This racing track is in Austin, Texas, which is just about five years old. This circuit has 20 turns and it is where the F1 race is held annually in the United States.

The Sonoma Raceway

This complex racing track is in Sonoma, CA. the Sonoma Raceway is used to be Sears Point. This raceway has 12 turns and a 2.53 mile course. Expect some altitude changes as well as blind corners. The annual NASCAR and the Indy races are held here.

The Lime Rock Park

This spot started to be a racing track since 1957. It is located in Lakeville, CT along the Northwest of Connecticut. Racing here will let you feel like an American classic. This track has only 7 turns and measure 1.51 miles in length.

The Virginia International Raceway

This touch racing track is in Alton, VA. This old-school racing track first opened in 1957. This raceway has 17 turns and then with a 3.27-mile length.

The Laguna Seca

This amazing track is in Monterey, CA. It has 11 turns with a length of 2.24 miles. This race track is famous for the corkscrew focal point and a drop with a five and a half story. That is of course with combo turns from left to the right.

The Road Atlanta

This racing track is in Braselton, GA and it will take you just 30 minutes to reach this spot from downtown of Atlanta. It has 12 turn courses and a length of 2.54 miles. This spot will surely enhance your reflexes.

The Watkins Glen

This track is located in Watkins Glen, NY known as The Glen since 1948. It has eleven turns course and 3.47 mile long. This race track is also popular for hosting the Formula 1 event and the NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

This racing track is in Lexington, OH. It has 15 turns and has a length of 2.41 miles. This is spot for hosting the NASCAR Xfinity Series as well as the IndyCar events.

The World’s Best Racing Car Tracks

There are car enthusiasts who travel around the world to join and watch various auto racing events. We can’t deny the fact that to be a part of a racing event is something that a car racer is proud of. And then, as an individual, who is simply watching and cheering for their bet is already an achievement.

For a car racer, their emotions are mixed. Some of them feels nervous while others feel very confident. But, what really completes the emotions of these car racers are the presence of the viewers, who were there to show their support.

It could have been better if every auto racer can join international events, so that they can be popular and famous both locally and abroad. But, it is not that easy to join events outside the country. You need to have sponsors from different companies, who will help you with the financial needs. With this kind of sports, you need to upgrade your car and that’s where money speaks.

To those who are interested in joining international car racing events, you would surely want to reach the following destinations because they are the best in the whole world. But, if you had been to these car racing tracks, then be proud of it.

Nurburgring Nordschleife

This legendary circuit in Germany is known as the Green Hell and it played a very important part in the history of motorsport. It has 154 corners, measuring 21km long.


Another famous and charming track is found in Belgium. This Grand Prix played a very important role in the history of motorsport and F1. You can find here iconic corners, such as the Eau Rouge or the Raidillon Complex and the Pouhon.


If you want to compete in Japan, then it would be great if you will come to Suzuka. This Grand Prix comes with a unique layout, called the figure-of-eight and comes with numerous corners. Suzuka is popular for its 130R, the Degner Curve and the S Curve. This track had been famous because of some motorsport event collisions, such as Alain Prosts and Ayrton Senna, which happened in 1989.

Circuit de la Sarthe

You can find this track in France. And if you are in the field of motorsports, then you would surely know about the Le Mans. In 1923, the very first race took place here and had been a yearly feature in the calendar of motorsports since 1949. This track is composed of race tracks and public roads combined. It features unbelievable corners, such as the Porsche Curves, Esses and Dunlop Curve.

Mount Panorama

If you would like to join racing events in Australia, then make sure it is at Mount Panorama or also known as the Bathurst. This is actually considered as one of the greatest racing car tracks in the whole world. It is actually done on a public road, so it is a street track with various features, such as quick corners and steep inclines. This is where the very famous Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hour races were held.

Car Racing Types in a Racing Track

Anywhere in the world, you can always find car enthusiasts watching and participating in various events and competitions in car racing. It is indeed an extreme sport and many people finds it really risky. But, if you are skilled and professional enough in the racing track activities, then you have nothing to fear.

There are various types of auto racing events, where people from different parts of the world usually join. Both amateurs and professionals compete in these racing activities to have a name, earn credits and establish a career.

racing track

Formula Racing

This is a single-seater race, where only professional races may join. It is an open wheel circuit type of racing, where the wheels of the car used are outside its body. Here, the design and the built of the cars used in racing are customized. The circuit tracks used in this race are separated and constructed just for this race alone. The most popular formula racing event is the Monaco Grand Prix. They also have IndyCar Series and Indianapolis 500 in North America.

Sports Car Racing

This is a two-seater race and it comes with 2 types of enclosed wheels. They have the Grand Tourers or GT and the Prototype Cars. The racers compete in a closed circuit track. And the most popular and the champion in this race is the FIA World Endurance with its FIA GT1. They also have the Grand-Am in the US having a Rolex Sports Car Series.

Stock Car Racing

This is a very popular race in the United States, where the specifications of the cars are customized to fit with the said event. The racers use an oval track and they were pushed until their limit is reached over a remarkable number of laps. Most of these events were organized by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR.

Drag Racing

A straight line completion is a simple form of drag racing event that is usually done on streets or tracks that involves a dragging stunt. Here, there racers, who customized their cars to accelerate its speed while others just use their usual cars. The competitors use 200m or 400m distance track. The National Hot Rod Association is the main organizer for this event.


This is a racing event, where participants compete under various conditions, such as weather or land. The race is under a point-to-point basis with regular intervals. The race is held under a closed public road or area. The World Rally Championship is a well-known body for this kind of events.

Off-Road Racing

This race is conducted off-road, where your car will pass through numerous terrain conditions, such as mud, sand, snow and riverbed. This is also a recreational activity, where trucks, motorcycles and cars compete.

Touring Car Racing

Production-derived racing cars usually joins this race, which is famous in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Some of the worldwide events under this race are the World Touring Car Championship, the Supercars Championship and the British Touring Car Championship.

Overview of a Car Racing Track

Despite of the fact that car racing is an extreme activity, still many male and female car enthusiasts are enjoying it. Driving with a very fast speed is not a joke because it is indeed risky. But, we can’t stop these folks, who are full of confidence and courage for such action.

A race track or a racing circuit is the spot, where motor sports happen. You can find all the facilities needed in completing the race, such as automobiles, motorcycle and kart. The surface of the field varies. If it is for a Motorsport and auto sport, then the surface is made of concrete, asphalt or tarmac.

Car Racing

The Sport

If you are into this type of sport activities, then the tracks are meant for a speedy competition. You can see the start and finish lines in the track. Some also have sectors or points, where time is tracked.

With this sport, a participant’s endurance is measured. How far can he go with such a car in an excellent racing condition? That will be answered the moment he reaches the end of the track or the finish line.

Things that a Car Racer must know when in a track

Before joining any car racing competition, you must first find the racetrack. This kind of race is legal, so it must not be done on the public roads because that is illegal and would be very dangerous. If you can find one, then you have to register, so that you can participate. And then, do not forget to keep the racing rules in mind. Breaking any of the rules may affect your chance of winning the first place. The most important things that you need to know is the flags used in the car race.

You have to prepare your car. If possible, check every detail or part and make sure that they are all in a good racing condition. So, prepare your tires, engine, brakes, steering wheel, pressure and other important car parts. Driving at a high speed is risky and it will affect these parts. So, proper inspection is needed. And then, it would be great if you can find time to test the track. If you already know how the track and the curb is, then it will help you build your confidence during the race. Sometimes, driving on a road for the first time keeps you uneasy, so this will be eliminated once been there.

Being in a car racing competition is really a tough kind of sports. Not everybody can do such speedy driving. These car racing tracks have sponsors coming from different big companies. And the price you can get from winning is high. That is why many car racers are joining the activity. But, of course, aside from the pot money that you can earn from winning, the car racer will also have the chance to get sponsors. The biggest is, of course, the pride of winning the first place. That is why these car racers do not just simply join, but they do this as a career and profession.