Drag Racing Events according to Class

There are car enthusiasts, who is actively participating in different car racing activities. They actually consider it as a sport. In my opinion, this kind of sport is some kind of an extreme activity because it is also risky.

Can you imagine how fast you are driving? And then, all you can think of during the competition is to drive fast and faster, so that you can win the event. For those who are used to a really fast speed on the road, then this kind of sport has a normal driving speed. But, for those who are not used to speedy driving, then you might even hold your breath till the competition ends.

Anyway, drag racing is actually just one kind of a motor racing, where motorcycles or automobiles are competing by two’s and they need to rush to the finish line as fast as they can. A car racer will need to be very much prepared for this competition. He needs to make sure that he is physically, emotionally and mentally fit to before the race begins. He must also make sure that his automobile or motorcycle is in a good running condition and even to a perfect level of working and running condition.

It won’t be nice to meet accidents or sudden malfunction of your vehicle. If this happens, then you might lose the game. Of course, you wouldn’t like that to happen, right? So, you will surely do everything just to make sure that you and your car or motorcycle is ready. Anyway, that is a normal thing to do.

The Top Fuel Dragster or TF/D

This is actually the fastest among drag racing classes. They are also called diggers. These automobiles are considered to be the fastest machines when it comes to acceleration. The cars for this drag race covers a dra gstrip in 3.7 seconds with a trap speed of more than 330mph or 30 km/h. most of the modernized TF dragsters measure 25ft or 7.6m in length and weighing 2,320 pounds or 1,050 kg. They used a fuel with up to 90% of nitromethane.

The Top Fuel Funny Car or TF/FC

The cars used in this race are actually similar to the cars used in the Top Fuel Dragster. But, the automobiles here have a shorter wheelbase and uses a carbon fiber body. Funny cars are also called floppers, running at 4.0s. They can actually exceed a trap speed of 31mph.

The Pro Stock

This is also called the NHRA or the IHRA/MMPSA. It is often referred as door slammers or factory hot rods automobiles, because they need to keep a reasonably stock appearance. These cars record a quarter mile times within 6.4 seconds with a speed of more than 210mph or 340 km/h. it has a rev that reaches over 10,500 rpm and then, makes an excess of 1,300 hp or 970 kW. The engines of the NHRA is over 500 cubic inches or 8.2L displacement. The IHRA/MMPSA runs a max of 820 cubic inches or 13.4L that’s why it is also called as Mountain Motors.

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