Our Rules

We, at the CDESBOURSE RCT Website blog are very strict in our publication of articles. We strongly do not allow our writers to submit copied articles because we will not publish that. We respect everybody here and we believe that other website blogs also do the same thing.

Our main concern is to provide information with all original content only. We would like to be very honest in sharing and posting articles on our website blog. So, our editorial board is very strict in checking and proofreading the articles, and making sure that no other website blog is disrespected because of the post.

When sharing information, we have experts to check and verify that the information is indeed true. We do not allow our team to publish articles containing wrong information in our website blog. We do not wish to mislead our readers here, so we have to make sure that every detail said is true.

We do not also want our readers to believe in the wrong publication because we do not want our readers to lose our trust on us. Above all, we do not want to lose the credibility of the team members as well as the reliability of the information we are publishing.