Our Story

The CDESBOURSE RCT Website blog is a blog site that aims to give information to readers, who are interested in car racing. We, the team believes that many people out there are interested with such kind of extreme sport activities. We also believe that these people need sufficient knowledge about how the sport goes. Apart from that, we are also trying to give our best to provide quality information about car race tracks, where the auto or motor sports are held.

We, would like every reader to know that our team can help you out in finding the best racing track for amateurs and beginners, who would like to learn this sport. We can also be a way to help you find professionals, who can be a trainer to these amateurs and beginners in the said sport.

Our main goal is to give service to these enthusiasts and we will do our best to meet our goal. We, can also help each other to encourage more amateurs and professionals to share their experiences about the said sport. We, believe that through our website blog, we can help many readers, who is just waiting for a sign that this sport is what they want to do.