The World’s Best Racing Car Tracks

There are car enthusiasts who travel around the world to join and watch various auto racing events. We can’t deny the fact that to be a part of a racing event is something that a car racer is proud of. And then, as an individual, who is simply watching and cheering for their bet is already an achievement.

For a car racer, their emotions are mixed. Some of them feels nervous while others feel very confident. But, what really completes the emotions of these car racers are the presence of the viewers, who were there to show their support.

It could have been better if every auto racer can join international events, so that they can be popular and famous both locally and abroad. But, it is not that easy to join events outside the country. You need to have sponsors from different companies, who will help you with the financial needs. With this kind of sports, you need to upgrade your car and that’s where money speaks.

To those who are interested in joining international car racing events, you would surely want to reach the following destinations because they are the best in the whole world. But, if you had been to these car racing tracks, then be proud of it.

Nurburgring Nordschleife

This legendary circuit in Germany is known as the Green Hell and it played a very important part in the history of motorsport. It has 154 corners, measuring 21km long.


Another famous and charming track is found in Belgium. This Grand Prix played a very important role in the history of motorsport and F1. You can find here iconic corners, such as the Eau Rouge or the Raidillon Complex and the Pouhon.


If you want to compete in Japan, then it would be great if you will come to Suzuka. This Grand Prix comes with a unique layout, called the figure-of-eight and comes with numerous corners. Suzuka is popular for its 130R, the Degner Curve and the S Curve. This track had been famous because of some motorsport event collisions, such as Alain Prosts and Ayrton Senna, which happened in 1989.

Circuit de la Sarthe

You can find this track in France. And if you are in the field of motorsports, then you would surely know about the Le Mans. In 1923, the very first race took place here and had been a yearly feature in the calendar of motorsports since 1949. This track is composed of race tracks and public roads combined. It features unbelievable corners, such as the Porsche Curves, Esses and Dunlop Curve.

Mount Panorama

If you would like to join racing events in Australia, then make sure it is at Mount Panorama or also known as the Bathurst. This is actually considered as one of the greatest racing car tracks in the whole world. It is actually done on a public road, so it is a street track with various features, such as quick corners and steep inclines. This is where the very famous Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hour races were held.

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